Asia feeling

When I think of Asia I see street food. And also activity, crowd streets, cables, motorbikes, nice people, good feeling, extraordinary food, Summer clothes, tropical fruits and all kind of smells.

Everything flows. I hope Asia never changes, or changes for better.


Map of the (not finished) route

Map updated. Completed until today however I have no idea what's the next stop. Fortunately there are so many great places in Asia so I will leave the Orange route line open.

Btw, the water used for the watercolor was taken in Arabian Sea, so the map is made with real water. I love these kind of mystical links. They add value, I guess.

Orange monks in Cambodia

Angkor Wat, modern times

The world has changed and it's still changing so extremely fast. Globalization is in everywhere.

It's not possible to visit the tourist places any more. Not only in Europe, where they were ruined some years ago, now in most of the places.

I stopped visiting tourist points long time ago and only did some exceptions. One of them, recently in Angkor Wat, supposed to be a first level highlight. Well, I expected something like that. I was selective with places in the guides (which I use as places to avoid in general) but now it's time to take a clear action.

Anyways, from now on I stop all kind of visits to temples, pagodas, waterfalls and those kind of places. I said.

Angkor Wat at sunrise.

Martin Parr spirit came to me again and gave me the chance to take these shots. Great!


ABC: Leter B

Just B.

The universe doesn't need you think or do complex things. Just be. Be what you are and being, you will contribute to the whole plan, the unknown wish of the create force. A stone behaves as a stone and being stone is part of the Cosmos mechanism.

Oh, yes!


Happy to be part of it

I'm happy to be part of this book. @editorsophie, from Taiwan, contacted me in order to include me, together with other people passionated about notebooks, in this project. Many thanks!

In many cases I receive interviews proposals which are completely cold, sent in a copy/paste style with questions which are showing the lack of interest and passion. Maybe they are in a hurry or just someone assigned them the task as part of a employee deal. Same with collaborations, commissions, etc. They want the chewed fruit in the mouth with less effort. I ignore them all. But it wasn't the case of Sophie, just the opposite. I felt she knew my artwork in detail and it was a pleasure for me answering the questions with dedication.

The book is made with love, taking care of every detail and in a beauty way. I don't understand a single word in Taiwanese but I can feel the work inside.


It is available to buy here: http://global.pchome.com.tw/english/prod/DJAH07-A9007M1Z9

I show here some of the pages:

 Look at this cute drawings!