British breakfast beans

And, as many British things, they are quite stylish :)

Creation of marvels

The most amazing trait in human being is their ability to generate grandeur. At least from their human point of view, but that’s another story. 

At different levels: One only individual can create wonders with a brush, a typewriter or a computer. Even entire new fantasy worlds. Isn’t that a superpower? 

For other kind of projects like spaceship a coordination of a large group of humans are needed. And that’s a mess.

Simple spoon

Despite having a lot of ideas waiting in the list I’ve decided to draw a spoon today.

Ideas pile up often and there is a pressure to write about them, specially if they are good ones. There are so many and I know most of them will be discarded, living alone for ever in the “list of ideas”. Well, not alone because they can do a party there. The feeling of selecting and maturing them could be not fun sometimes.

As a symbolic act of rebellion today I removed the pressure and I voluntary decided to draw something irrelevant. “Voluntary”, of course, because nobody ever will take you and force you to draw a spoon with a gun or so (and this is a good idea for a kidnapper story, btw!).

Future homemade lanterns

HCM approves this.