Bye bye old world

Big fishes are vanishing fast. Tech is key. Power is being reorganized. Nothing is by coincidence. 

Oh, perfection...

Decisions in life... Not easy. See Mr. OP trying to find the optimum point and, of course, failing. Again.

Excellence is ok. Perfection is not possible.

The smell of Thailand

To be precise one of the many smells.

First is the smell which welcomes you in Suvarnabhumi, a kind of magical and humidity feeling saying you are in Thailand. Then the smell of some Thai food here and there and finally this one: Smell of “clean” and aromatic found in many shops and indoor places. I didn’t know where it comes from up to now. It’s from a bottle! A cream for massage and also for many other uses.

Now I have the superpower to teleport myself to Thailand just smelling this bottle (and listening Thai music) when I want.

This cream has plenty of properties. I will just mention a few of them. Listen carefully:

Muscle relief.
Bye bye pain.
Perfumes body and room.
Anti mosquito.
Hair growth 10%.
Rejuvenate 0.5 years/ml.
Rhinos repellent.
Moves you to laugh mood.
Improves WIFI 3%.
Protection against coronavirus.
Increase chances to pass an exams.
Gives you better presence.
Makes traffic flow.
Discount 5% in some restaurants.
Sexual vitality.
Calm the anger.

What a great thing!