Mixed notes enriched with great stamps

On the incredible case of the man extremely sensitive to the change of Y coordinates together with other notes.

One of those notes by Borges: 

“For an idle and curious man like myself, the best book is the encyclopedia. You look there for what you want.” 

And now that encyclopedia on steroids is Internet.

The greatest achievement of a creative person

The thing I admire most about Dalí is his ability to create his own universe. Not many artists reached that. 

Not easy. Even if you define the aesthetic, colours, elements, symbology and atmosphere, which is already remarcable, the universe needs be filled with high quality life and essence. It's an extremely high goal, with many side paths leading to nowhere. When you are in the right road and you know it without any doubt, the hype has not equal. Just the process is gratifying. The final result is quite unknown since it waits far under the horizon line.

Recently I discovered the intensity of Katsuhiro Otomo's former works. Another example of real world building. I mean "real", not real. But this is for another day.