My current writing tools in use. Updated.

I’m always trying to simplify things. Reducing weight and volume is mandatory for light packing when traveling. Everything should fit in a portable case. You can see my optimized luggage here.

From left to right: TWSBI 580 orange EF, TWSBI 580 EF, Lamy Safari EF, Lamy Al Star EF, Kaweco Sport EF, Micron brown 003, Micron black 005, Pilot G-3, Zebra brush F, Zebra brush M, Kuretake marker orange, Kuretake marker turquoise, pencil 2H, tiny brush, Rotring mechanical pencil HB, oil pencil, glue, sienna pencil, eraser, sharpener, watercolor set and ruler.

I swap metal mechanical pencil Rotring and metal ruler for plastic versions in a trip.