New inks for fountain pen in use

I wanted to switch to permanent bulletproof inks long time ago. I was happy with my current colors after a long process of testing and trying new ones until I defined my palette. Adding the superpower of waterproof (and more other properties) could be a plus. Since I know the colors I want the task seemed easy. Just find a new brand with those colors and try.

Expert's voices about archive and conservative materials pushed me to change. It looks like cleaning and restoring a notebook in the future could be much easier with these bulletproof inks otherwise the inks goes away almost like magic. Have a look at this video to see by yourself.

Rohrer & Klinger is my first attempt. The colors are amazing, exactly what I was looking for. And the color's names very original for inks! I chose Carmen, Frida, Emma and Klara for this trip.

It's quite risky to start a new long trip without testing them in deep but I had to do it. New year, new trip, new notebook and... new inks.

Result of investigations coming soon!


Beauty in shapes

Authenticity is the key ingredient for everything. This model emanates reality therefore she has a special touch.

It's a draft and like this style a lot so this page will be a draft when finished. What a paradox!

The code

There is a code running inside us.

At least we know it's there. It drives us from the beginning and apparently we can't scape. Maybe we could manipulate DNA but that's just a code improving itself.

The code defines us. It creates our reality. Actually we are the code. It's ok.