The pessimistic chess player

Once upon a time a chess player so good he lost all the games.

His brilliant mind could calculate many moves from his adversary in advance. His body was so full of worries he finally surrendered with panic seeing only adversary’s win moves. Play a few moves, then surrender. Always the same. He not only don't win a game but also he don't enjoy the same.

Same as real life. Too many worries and seeing only the worst scenario is a paralyzer mindset. Let life flow with freedom.

Prints in new home's wall

I'm always happy when I see my pages find new homes. Specially thanks to Rita from Arizona (USA) for sending me this nice pictures. She has chosen great frames! Warm colors matching the drawings and high quality feeling.

All models are available now. Worldwide shipping. Buy directly here:  http://josenaranja.blogspot.com/2016/07/prints-for-sale.html