British breakfast beans

And, as many British things, they are quite stylish :)

Creation of marvels

The most amazing trait in human being is their ability to generate grandeur. At least from their human point of view, but that’s another story. 

At different levels: One only individual can create wonders with a brush, a typewriter or a computer. Even entire new fantasy worlds. Isn’t that a superpower? 

For other kind of projects like spaceship a coordination of a large group of humans are needed. And that’s a mess.

Simple spoon

Despite having a lot of ideas waiting in the list I’ve decided to draw a spoon today.

Ideas pile up often and there is a pressure to write about them, specially if they are good ones. There are so many and I know most of them will be discarded, living alone for ever in the “list of ideas”. Well, not alone because they can do a party there. The feeling of selecting and maturing them could be not fun sometimes.

As a symbolic act of rebellion today I removed the pressure and I voluntary decided to draw something irrelevant. “Voluntary”, of course, because nobody ever will take you and force you to draw a spoon with a gun or so (and this is a good idea for a kidnapper story, btw!).

Future homemade lanterns

HCM approves this.


Visual guide for Asian noodles

It’s the first time I draw noodles and I find it’s a very relaxing process. Maybe I have a hidden superpower to draw noodles and I didn’t know. In that case, I should dedicate my time to that. What a sad purpose in life.


Kwan BBQ

In the rabbit hole of Asian style and details. I’m using red color more often than usual. I guess it’s a secondary effect of staying in Vietnam.



7 Eleven ballpen and Muji fountain pen together with other notes

Cute cat ballpen virus spread in this page. And it’s welcome. 

I’m quite happy with the new Muji fountain. I didn’t test it with pigment ink yet. The feeling is quite good.

Magnificent Thai stamps

I'm happy I found an old stamps shop in Chinatown, Bangkok. Now I have enough little artworks to add to my notebooks for a while.


Tribute to Chiruca boots


My dear Chiruca boots after 20 years. Happy birthday for them.

As you probably know, I used Chiruca boots from 2002 to 2016 for everything. That includes the round the world trip and actually all trips during those years. They are still in good shape but I stop using them as a daily shoes in 2016. The thing which surprises me the most is the laces don’t show any damage sign yet! Diamond-made I guess. The best item I’ve bought in my live.

From 2017 to 2022 I switched to trail running shoes, a great, confortable and light new solution for all kind of scenarios, including a meeting with a minister, which actually happened. But quality in The North Face brand is quite poor. Laces were broken just after 2-3 months. A red flag alerting of such a profit oriented product. Anyways I was happy with those shoes and they were my only shoes until they full broken this year 2022.

And now after looking for a replacement everywhere … I’m back to Chiruca. This time a more versatile and light sneakers more suitable for tropical places. The first feeling after a few weeks of use is super great. Let’s see how they behave. They are not the ones shown in the drawing. That’s a new model I took to illustrate an ergonomic item could also have an amazing design.

Just to mention some numbers. Old Chiruca boots costs me 72,87€ in 2002. Actually I paid them in pesetas, just before the euro came. Up to 2016 when I retired them, results a cost of 5,20€/year, 0,43€/month. Great quality/cost ratio. Wearing good shoes for less than a Starbucks coffee PER YEAR. And as I said, I can still use them.


Koh Chang, Thailand

Those days in Koh Chang (and Koh Rang) were great. A little far by bus and boat from Siracha, but that's also valuable part of the trip.

I like the unexpected and textured effect of the white ballpen in the drawing. 

Some photos from Koh Chang

Thailand atmosphere is always special. And even more in its islands and beaches: Relaxing, easy, full tropical feeling and direct contact with nature.

These photos were taken in Koh Chang, or I should say in some small islands in the south of the big island.

I found an orange monk there.


Cute cats

Cats are welcome in my pages. And stamps cats. And Thai cats in Thai stamps

Muang Boran (Ancient City)


Muang Boran (Ancient City), in Bangkok, together with other notes some of them less important than others.
I’m glad to see how flat this bookbinding improvement opens the pages.


In love with mechanical pencils


Rotring 600 is perfection. I've used it a lot during the last years. Many hours in my hand when I was drawing Donau's Journey and other many memories. And recently I got it in new colours! Red one is specially vibrant.

Its weight is great for a feeling of quality, however it's a minor negative point for travels. In that case I recently use Muji mechanical pencil. Inexpensive, plastic with retractable tip perfect for carry in the pocket. 


Thailand 2022-2023

Here some photos of my dear Thailand during the last trip there.

Inside a local bus in Bangkok. Note the wooden floor.
7 Eleven in everywhere.

Museum open to any passersby with trained eyes.

Kilometers of asphalt and concrete.

Ubiquitous plastic chairs.

View of Bangkok from the airplane. What a gift.

Telephone box invaded by nature.

Thai-Chinese style.

Excellent coffeeshop near the river.

First time I visited a hospital in Bangkok. Quite impressive!

Island style in Thailand is relaxing, easy, unique.