Golden Ratio and the last finished notebook

These are all the pages from my last notebook. Thinking about the number of pages took me really a lot of time. Actually I can be lost in these kind of (irrelevant points) for ever. My goal was all the pages to be linked in a way so they can become something more: a mandala. This is not now as far as I also used in the previous notebook. 

Al together needs to fix into a frame so only a few number of pages could fulfit this condition. I decided to draw Golden Spiral (based on Golden Ratio) along the notebook. Well, there are other elements to link different pages which I maybe explain one day.

The orange circle in the center is the main reference to organize the pages as a puzzle.

It's clear the notebook is full of orange dots in everywhere. When joining dots, Golden Spiral appears.

Also the devil wanted to join the party. He puts his claws in the Earth. Maybe he manages the curve. Or just a coincidence, which is even more intriguing.

At the end of the day...

At the end of the day you are alone with your luggage.
If the luggage contains a laptop, much better.


Test page

The last page of each notebook uses to be a test page. I don't know the reason but it finally becomes one of the best of the whole journal. Maybe it's because random and freedom can swim without rules.

The beauty of patterns

As humans, we can recognize some patterns. When they are (subjectively) beautiful we find pleasure. However nature creates a huge variety of patterns and we are not able to notice most of them. Computers do better.

No computer used in this page. Beauty produced.


China 2.0

I came back to Shanghai recently. The point which surprised me the most since my first visit ten years ago, in 2007, was the massive use of QR codes. Actually when I landed in China, a guy was giving small papers with QR codes. They look a kind of visiting cards to my eyes. Welcome to China 2.0.

They are in everywhere. This together with the use of Wechat creates a digital scenario where nobody uses real money. Even money is not accepted in some shops.

Street vendors use this technology and save a lot of time. It's much more hygienic. Better for everyone.
It's also used for publicity, etc. I suggest placing a QR code in Mao's forehead, in his official portrait, linked to his red book or whatever other lectures.


Views from my window in Shanghai

Humans can build scenarios which were unimaginable some decades ago. How could it be in 10 years? 50 years? This crowded view shows a kind of cold concrete feeling, no people (only if you close up).

A kind of poetry.


Seen in Seoul

Amazing shop in Korea. Full of style and atmosphere. A kind of hamster surrounded by brushes and stuff from heaven. Congrats, unknown man.

My writing tools for travels

Optimizing the luggage is a never ending task. I do it with pleasure and it gives me great results and a new way of traveling. Regarding the writing tools I remember the days, before discovering so many fountain pens and inks, when all was easier. 

There are some requirements: Full performance, simple and light. I can carry everything with me in any moment and in everywhere. "My atelier is the real world"

Currently I use the following items:

-My handmade notebook.
-MUJI passport notebook for fast notes.
-"Happy Every Day" case. I found it in 7 Eleven in Bangkok.
-Two tiny kits of watercolors.
-Plastic ruler.
-Two Stabilo markers: orange and turquoise.
-TWSBI 580 EF fountain pen.
-Two Lamy fountain pens.
-Preppy fountain pen.
-Kaweco fountain pen.
-Two disposable Zebra brushes.
-Pigma Micron 005.
-Pilot G-3.
-Rotring mechanical pencil.
-Rotring Isograph 0,10.
-Rotring Isograph 0,18.
-Airmail masking tape.
-Tiny pencil sand color.

Together with this I carry another case with spares of some of the pens, glue and inks for fountain pens.