EX-LIBRIS. Design and explanation

Sometimes I feel I will never finish this. Anyways I'm designing my Ex-Libris after so many mixed ideas and drafts. It must be related to books, of course, and I will put it in every book which belong to my personal library.
The meaning is based on the 3+1 ways to get knowledge:

1.) Canned knowledge produced by others. There were so many great humans on Earth and some of them left their thinking encapsulated through the time. 
Example: Books. 
Others: Music, interviews, videos, tales and art. 

2.) Directly from other humans. Every person has something to say. We should listen and learn.
Example: A coffee with a wise person. 
Others: Teacher in a class.

3.) Learn by yourself. 
Example: Traveling. 
Others: Observing the nature, experiments and personal experiences in life. 

3+1.) Bonus! Observe a cat. You will not find a wiser teacher. A cat has the whole understanding of life. Pay attention to small details and what he does. A lot to learn.

Simulation with Photoshop to check the final result:



dinahmow said...

I like your bonus example! Currently, I live with two such "examples."

Vicke said...

I like your Ex-Libris. I wish I had thought of something like that.

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