Little new project

I found a deck of cards as a great support to create a new universe. It allows the representation of a fantasy world with just a pieces of cardboard. For example, the creatures come to life from nothing and they have their own ID which is the card. Think about it, magical.

After discarding the possibility of a board game I'm developing a kind of "collection of aesthetic cards". The area for an illustration or photo is huge. On top of that the combination with a little text adds a new dimension.

I'm enjoying a lot designing a big number of cards. It's fun and relaxing activity. I don't want to set any barrier. Creativity should flow with freedom. No commission, no deadlines, no limitations. After that I will (hopefully) find the way to organice everything.

Taking care of the colors, frame, typography (I use my dear Olympia typewriter font), composition and every detail part of the enjoyable process. Now I can have this first test in my hands. The cards are REAL. Still a lot to do. This is just a draft. I even made the box. I will create many more cards and improve everything.

And what is this about? Well, at the moment I will say it's a story-prediction based in a near future, year 2050. And those are the years, months or maybe just hours before the singularity. The last days of mankind.


Carol Leigh said...

You, sir, are simply amazing. Thank you for sharing your art with us. ❤️

Euphoria said...