5 advantages of training a crocodile


Mr. μ had been always a normal man, normal behaviour, TV, etc. The full pack. And despite that one day he had a brilliant idea. With the current scenario of crisis, shortage, conflicts, petrol price and uncertainty he decided to take serious actions: He trained a crocodile.

1. Defense.
2. Attack.
3. Transport.
4. Accompany.
5. Food (eventually).

Mr. μ was so passionated with the crocodile’s education he even teach it to read. And it was his doom. One normal Thursday the crocodile found Mr. μ's documents and plan. Crocodile didn’t like point number 5 at all. “Ah, nononoo”. The crocodile ate Mr. μ and bye bye Mr. μ.

So… now we have a killer crocodile free in the streets, with rewind skills.

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