Finding Inspiration in Satoshi Kon's wisdom

Satoshi Kon was a true master of his craft, weaving delicate images with deep emotions. His words recently helped me resolve a dilemma that had lingered in my mind for months while crafting the 2050 cards project.

I had placed excessive emphasis on the story, thinking it was the foremost element of any narrative. Some renowned film directors even delete a well-shot scene if it doesn't enhance the story. This mindset, while practical for business/profit related activities as cinema or Netflix, may stifle free creativity.

Satoshi Kon's perspective was refreshingly different: he painted mesmerizing images overflowing with creativity and then ingeniously find the way to match them with the story. The result might sometimes feel disjointed, but the emotion and, more importantly, the tone, were paramount.

This is my tiny tribute to him, etched into a small page of my small notebook. I hope it resonates with your soul and introduces you to his magnificent universe if you haven't ventured there yet. Let's embrace the beauty of creativity and the magic of storytelling, just as Satoshi Kon did.


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