Von Neumann’s probes update: Self destruct feature.

The big problem: A captured Von Neumann probe potentially being used by another civilization to suddenly improve their technology and attack back.

Solution: Implementation of a self destruct mode. This feature could be applied to a single probe, an entire hive, or a selected group of hives, and would allow for the destruction of the technology in the event that it falls into the wrong hands.

However, the question of how the decision to trigger the self destruct feature would be made must be addressed. A fix consensus method may not be sufficient, as it could potentially be discovered and hacked by external parties. Instead, it may be necessary to implement a dynamic consensus method that is more difficult to manipulate.

Another key consideration: What if technology is improving itself using different civilizations while traveling across the cosmos. This raises the question of whether we are simply acting as slaves working towards a superior project.


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