Ah, the poetic life...

What is poetic life exactly?

The idea is there, and it’s magnetic. But how to know in detail? I asked ChatGPT and it wrote down a quite good approach:

1. Have a perspective of life that focuses on beauty, reflection and creativity.
2. See and experience the world in a way that is inspired by poetry and seeks to convey that vision through art or writing.
3. Live with a special awareness and sensitivity to the details, nuances and emotions that manifest in the world.
4. Be willing to explore new ways of seeing and understanding the world, and to be guided by imagination and creative thinking.
5. Be open to changes and new experiences, and see life as an opportunity to create and learn.

After asking if ChatGPT had personally experienced a poetic life, it's clear that it cannot, as it’s a machine learning model. Discovering the path to a poetic life is a personal journey that requires practice and exploration. Additionally, the path may not always be clear.

To help navigate this journey, one can consider a new method of decision-making: when faced with a choice, ask yourself which option aligns more closely with the perspective of a poetic life. This can be an effective way to distinguish between good and bad decisions. Repeating this method can lead to improvement in decision-making and make it more effortless.

It is important to remember that the poetic life is not a rigid path, but rather a flexible and adaptable concept, like bamboo. It can be represented as a tentacle tail for now.

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